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The Municipality

Geographical location

Municipality of the Priorat county, it is situated in the Northwest of it, and it is touching the Ribera d'Ebre and the Garrigues counties. We can get to the village by different ways. One way is by using the county road that goes from Reus to Fraga: at the Coll de la Creueta (between Ulldemolins and Bellaguarda), it starts the T-713 local road, that drives you until Margalef. There is another alternative way, the one by using the National road number 420 (N-420), that goes from Vilella Baixa to Cabacés, if you continue on in crossing La Bisbal de Falset. You can also get there from Móra d'Ebre, by crossing Vinebre, La Torre de l'Espanyol, and La Bisbal de Falset.

The municipality has an area of 34.60 Km². The village is situates in the northwest of the Montsant Mountain Range, in the valley of the river with the same name, and it is separated from the river by the road. The river, after crossing Ulldemolins, pipes the water from the cliffs and the lumps that form the joining point of two mountain ranges, the Montsant and the Llena mountain ranges. Some kilometres before Margalef, the valley becomes wider. This fact has become the origin of a popular phrase: "Margalef, en un forat" (which means "Margalef is in a hole"). However, this is positive in one sense: it has and has the benefit of the abundant water of the river.

Many of the houses of the village are on enormous conglomerated rocks, really abundant in this region.

The rugged land is the main cause for the existence of many caves, abysses and caverns, which are frequently visited by the tourists.


Economical activities

The most important ecomonic activity in Margalef is the agriculture. The main crops are the olive and the almond tree, and the fruits. The Agricultural Cooperative, founded in 1952, prepares and sells the olive oil. Before 1952, there were two pound presses that were a common property of the inhabitants.

In the 19th. Century, there were some productions of honey and wax, coats and sheeps flocks, and a factory of anise, which was already cultivated in Margalef.


Places to visit

PWe can discover centuries-old houses in the village streets between rocky outcrops and picturesque spots watered with fountains of water of Sant Salvador. The church of Sant Miquel and the oil museus are the most inmportant urban places of town. But Margalef have many places to discover, the Montsant river dam, the hermitage of Sant Salvador, the Ximet's cave, the Taverna cave, the Montsant trails or the postcard scenery that we can see from any point of the village.


Sleep and eat in Marglaef

Margalef has a wide variety of establishments to wellcome all our visitors. Controled camping areas at the dam or at the bridge "El Pont" and "La Presa", the youth hostel "El racó de la Finestra", the hostel "Tres Pins" and the cottages and the apartments. The same establishments have food services, in addition to such establishments you can visit others like "Cal Vernet" or "Cal Calbet". In addition, Margalef has BBQ places and picnic areas at the dam, the Ximet's cave or at the Sant Salvador's hermitage.

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