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Either the surroundings of the village or the village are very peculiar and interesting. The river, the village which goes almost into the mountain, the streets that go up the stones, are an amazing set of things that the visitor always likes.

The Church

The most important building is the Church. It is dedicated to San Miguel. It is a Neo-classical building that was built in the 18th. century. It has three naves, a chorus and a belfry closed to the building.

The Covetes Street

The entire streets in Margalef are very peculiar, but if we have to choose only one, there is no doubt about the most beautiful one is the Covetes Street. One side of it is all stoned, and it supports "holds the street over it.

The Hermitage of San Salvador

The Hermitage of San Salvador is 3.5 kilometres far from the village. It was built in the 16th. century, and the access to it have been recently restored so as we can get to the hermitage by car. The building and the surroundings have also been restored, and we can find some places to cook and to prepare fires without any danger. These changes have converted the hermitage in one of the best places to spend the leisure time, where we can also inhale the fresh air coming to the Montsant mountain. There is fountain that gives fresh water that never ends.

One part of the mountain range belongs to the township. That is why we have to mention some interesting places related to it. Some of them are the caves of La Taverna (it is one of the best places to start doing Speleology), the Teix (this name comes from the big tree that is next to the cave), and the Miracle Cave.

The dam

Another place we can visit is the new dam. It is near the village, up to the river. It has been built in a very beautiful zone, and its has a capacity for 2.800.000 cubic metres water. It has ended with the problems of the peasants to water their fields, and also provide a reasonable quantity of water during the Summer. During this season, we can have fun sailing in the dam, in the small ships called "kaiots".

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